Time tracking made easy

Free time tracker - an approachable solution for freelancers and individuals

Heads up! We're currently in public beta.

Free & always will be

Our mission is to deliver free, easy to use and lovable time tracking solution, that delights your day.

All our current features are free and will be always free.

Heads up! We're currently in public beta.

Free plan includes

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Unlimited time sheets

Easy & lovable

  • Track time on the fly, leave comments for later.
  • Aggregate data at the granularity you want. Think of "projects" as time tracking accounts.
  • Offering overviews per day, week and month.
  • Export timesheets to deliver to your customers.

Overviews at different levels


Our timesheets are looking nice both printed and sent by email.

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